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There are 16 types of Sheffield student, but which one are you?

Who is the guy who runs around with no shoes on?

The Myers Briggs test is a personality questionnaire which delves deep into your soul to tell you exactly who you truly are.

With deadline season fast approaching and hoards of students heading to the IC to "study" (cry, stress and eat) we thought we would equip you with the perfect procrastination tool.

So enjoy our attempt to pigeon-hole you into one of 16 categories and probably offend most of the student population along the way.

1) They sit by the window in Coffee Revs just to take pictures of their MacBook and latte art before trudging back to a dingy corner of the IC to cry over their dissertation

2) Someone who posts about the anti-capitalist protests they attend in London far too often, while ignoring the fact they drove down to the city in their Fiat 500

3) The people who discovered Tuesday Club halfway through second year and whose Instas are now filled solely with pictures of them wearing sunglasses, flares and carrying bottles of water

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4) Those who use words neither you, nor your seminar tutor, have ever heard of while pretending that they're "really down to earth, bro"

5) That one guy who runs around uni with no shoes on

6) They live and breathe Roar, and don't hesitate to tell you how many rugby players they pulled last night

7) The person who claims to spend all of their spare time discovering really niche indie bands that you definitely haven't heard of, but can often be found listening to the Pop Tarts playlist on their walk to uni

8) The people who basically live in the Peaks and always seem to be doing a new outdoorsy activity with their group of 'earthy' friends

9) The vegans who only ever post pictures of their brunch from Pom Cafe on their stories

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10) The group of lads in the uni gym who spend most of their session staring at themselves in the mirror and desperately trying to chat up the girls brave enough to enter the testoster-zone

11) They go to Pop Tarts EVERY SINGLE WEEK and can often be found dabbing spontaneously around campus

12) The group of people who only ever venture to the IC at night to complete their assignments which are due the next morning

13) The student politicians who are constantly campaigning and handing out endless flyers outside the SU

14) They're so obsessed with their LinkedIn that they have signed up for every society possible and never stop inviting you to events on Facebook

15) The cheerleaders who feel the need to do the splits in every photo taken of them at Roar

16) The person who is so stressed about their degree that they will spend 10 minutes reading this article in the hope that their work will magically complete itself