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Sheffield restaurant introduces ‘Weinstein’ burger on new menu

One Twitter user called it ‘blatant exploitation of victims of sexual abuse’

A burger company with a newly-opened Sheffield restaurant has released a new menu containing a "Weinstein" burger as well as other items that appear to trivialise sexual assault and coercion.

The items on the menu at Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers include the "Casting Couch", the "Fake Taxi", and the "Weinstein".

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The restaurant, which opened in the city centre’s West One complex last Friday, also have a branch in Fallowfield, Manchester.

The company's decision to base near uni and market their business towards students – those with Student IDs are offered discounts off food and drink – appears particularly misjudged.

Eight per cent of female students that took part in a survey earlier this year said they had been raped at university – double the estimated national average, and 62 per cent of students had experienced sexual violence, defined by Rape Crisis as "any unwanted sexual act or activity".

A number of outraged members of the public have taken to social media to express their anger and appeal for a boycott of the restaurant. One user said that the names were "beyond normalisation of porn culture, disrespectful enough in itself" and "blatant exploitation of victims of sexual abuse". Another tweeted that there is "nothing cheeky about sexual abuse".

The Sheffield Tab have contacted Randy's for comment.