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Freezeblocks: Alt-J fans evacuated from Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

The fans were so edgy they thought it was part of the show.

Three fire engines were called to Bridgewater Hall in Manchester last night, following an emergency evacuation at an Alt-J concert.

The call was made around 9:05pm after reports of a litter fire in the smoking area.

Multiple firefighters ran into the building and tackled the fire with hoses and ladders, leaving fans waiting outside for an hour.

The alarm sounded at the exact time Alt-J were due to appear on stage, and many fans remained seated thinking that it was part of the show.

Adam Bennett, 24, said: "We were all hesitant to leave at first because the announcement sounded like something Alt-J would do to start off their set. Apparently a couple of people could smell burning though."

The band later sent out a tweet to their fans to let them know that the show would eventually go ahead an hour and a half after the original set time.