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What it’s like going to uni in your hometown

Not everyone wants to move away after all

University for many marks a fresh start, independence and a new town, but not everyone decides to move out.

People automatically assume that because you didn't move away, you can't experience the full "uni life". I am from Sheffield and I study in Sheffield but I still chose to move out, and I would say I am having just as good as a time as anybody else. It is all about the effort you put in to make friends, not whether or not you move away.

It made much more sense for me to stay in Sheffield because the university was the best for my course so. It would have been silly to go elsewhere. I don't regret not moving elsewhere, here is why.

You can have the best of both worlds

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We all miss our pets at uni

Moving out is great but when you live at home you don't have to travel miles just to see your friends and family. It's great that I can pop home and see my cats when ever I want. Oh, and bring my washing home too, because who really wants to pay the ridiculous prices halls charge?

You'll already know the best places to go for a night out

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Who really wants to waste money on a rubbish night?

Freshers' Week was great for me because I knew where to go and most importantly where to avoid. Most freshers have no idea of the nightlife in their new university town and it often means going to many crap nights to find your favourite. Luckily I could skip all of that.

Moving out is still an option

Fairy lights are an essential for any uni room

Just because you're staying local, it doesn't mean you can't move out. I would definitely recommend it if you can because you get to experience uni life more and make loads of new friends. You may not be able to save as much but the friends you make can outweigh that.

You will still meet many new people

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We all love a trip to Spoons

University is so diverse and you will meet people from all over the country and world. Staying local doesn't mean you won't find any new friends. Even if you're still living at home you can join societies and meet new people that way. University really is the greatest place to meet people and make friends for life.

I'm a true Sheffielder and I couldn't really imagine uni life in another city. For me it was the best decision I made.