Sheffield Clubbers of the Week – It’s Nice to be Nice Edition

Only wholesome content here

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So, it's Tuesday, it's half past 6 and to be truthful with you ladies and gents, I've fucked it. Fucked it up harder than Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods rolled into one. Indeed, as the leader of the 'Free World' would put it. I have fucked it up "bigly".

In my infinite wisdom, I have left myself a very limited window of opportunity in my busy (insert sarcasm) social schedule during which I can write this article.

So now I come to you, sweating away like Hallam's head office when they heard the possibility of more staff strikes. Don't want fair pay and job security affecting those massive profit margins, do we?

In honour of my own stupidity, this week's effort will be a purer, more wholesome approach to Clubbers of the Week. No longer will shit Dele Alli celebrations be ridiculed, instead their 'uniqueness' will be applauded. So, for the first time in a Tab article, I find myself actively trying to create a better world. Knighthood incoming.

Nicest Hand Gesture of the Week

Fuck you too mate.

Nicest Group of Obviously Sober Lads of the Week

Yes, completely sober, nothing to see here.

Nicest Looking Bouncer of the Week

Corp's nice bouncers are yet to rival Leadmill for the title of nicest of nice bouncers.

Nicest Couple of the Week

At least, I hope they are a couple?

Nicest What the Fuck is Going on Here of the Week

I have so many questions.

Nicest Generic Photo from Crystal of the Week

Yes Crystal, photos like this do not make me want to come to your shitty club any more than usual.

The Best Ever Photobooth Photos, NICE!

How can you manage to take 4 photos so awful but different at the same time.

Nicest Coordinated Outfits of the Week

This is errrrr nice.

Nicest Break Up Photo of the Week

This photo leaves me wanting to know so much more.

Nicest Candid of the Week

Yea back to rinsing everyone next week being nice is no fun.