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Societies, seminars, and knowing your limits: Top tips for Freshers’ Week

The dos and don’ts for first years

Starting university seems like a daunting task at first, going into the world by yourself, learning to be independent and look after yourself for probably the first time in your life. If your biggest fear is not knowing how to work the laundry machine or how to make friends, I can promise you that there is someone who is just as scared about those tasks as you.

Freshers have a reputation for getting to university and being a bit of an embarrassment, whether it’s getting absolutely sloshed and throwing up everywhere, or getting with some questionable people, every fresher has a story to tell.

However, there are some rules you can follow so you have the best freshers' week.

Be yourself

I know everyone will say this, but I can promise you it’s the best advice you will get. You may feel like you need to change the way you dress or act because that’s what you do at home for your friends, but it’s not true. At university there is a massive range of people there, from all different backgrounds with different personalities. There will be a group of friends that will fit in with your true personality.

Join any and every society or sports team

If you’ve never been interested in sports but want to give it a go, university is the perfect time to try. Most sports teams will have a taster day where you can try it out. You will definitely make friends going to the tasters and even if the sports team isn’t for you, the people might be so get their Facebooks, Snapchats, numbers or whatever communication you prefer and keep in touch. Societies will also be a perfect opportunity to meet new people – nights out aren’t the only method of meeting new people.

Take condoms to uni

Obviously, this may not apply to everyone for religious or other reasons, but you don’t want to be having a good time with someone and then realise you aren’t prepared with condoms. Condoms are the only contraceptive method that also protects you against STIs, and safe sex is the best sex.

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Sort the boring things out early on in freshers

By this I mean sort out your student ID and module choices as soon as you can and then you can forget about it for the rest of the week and just have fun!

Let your guardians know you are doing alright

Going to uni might seem like it’s the biggest thing for you and it’s easy to forget that this also will affect your parents. They will get worried if you just ignore them for a week! You don’t need to tell them every detail obviously, but maybe tell them about some of your new friends and your nights out to make them feel more relaxed and included.

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This is all it takes.

Write down on your phone where your accommodation is

When you’re drunk and you’ve only been living in a new city for a day or two you can easily forget where you’re living. This way if you’re by yourself at the end of the night out and want to get home, you can show the taxi man your address and know you’re going to the correct place.

Attend lectures and seminars

This will enable you to start making course mates and will help you actually passing your degree.

Go to Varsity

It's a great week to support your university and get involved. The tickets are cheap (and sometimes even FREE)! Go support your friends or go watch a game with your friends! I'm not a massive sports fan but I had such an amazing time watching the Varsity football and ice hockey.

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Don't feel like you have to go out every night

If you want to, then by all means be my guest. But, going out every night will make you extremely tired and make the non-drinking activities harder, like going to sports tasters. You will also most likely end up with an awful case of freshers flu.

Avoid constantly talking to your friends and family from home

I know you will miss them, but it’ll make it harder for you by talking to them all the time instead of trying to make new friends.

Never get with your flatmates

Speaking from experience this is probably one of the most important rules. Flatmates is just a complicated situation. There are loads of other options at university and the stress of being with a flatmate just isn’t worth it.

Don't try to impress everyone by drinking beyond your limits

Knowing your limits is a lot more fun for everyone. When you get absolutely hammered your friends have to look after to you which could ruin their night and you aren’t going to even remember the people you’ve met if you’re sloshed. If you don’t want to do something, say no. Don’t do something you’ll regret later on.

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Don't set the fire alarm off at 3am

Everyone in your building will hate you. Just go outside if you need a smoke, it isn’t far, and it doesn’t take long, you could even take a blanket so you aren’t cold.

Finally, don't spend all your student loan on freshers

Freshers is one week, you will still have about 14 weeks left in the semester which you will need money for. There will be more nights out throughout the year, don't you worry.

No matter what you're like, freshers will be an amazing week, so have fun, stay safe and make friends!