What to wear to every club in Sheffield

You really don’t want to wear your white converse to Corp

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With Sheffield soon to become home to thousands of new freshers, here at The Tab we thought we'd lend a helping hand on the fashion front.

So here's our comprehensive list on how to dress for each night out in Sheffield, to stop you ruining your new shoes in the first week.


Picture the outfit you would wear on a Friday night in Spoons before going to a Noel Gallagher gig – that's your dress code.

Think checked shirts over t-shirts, mom jeans, Doc Martens, and chunky 90s trainers.

Leadmill is a place where alternative fashion is revered but red stripe is spilt, so save your new £85 Fila Disruptors for the library and chuck on your Adidas Superstars instead.


Code is more your typical night out. A mix between your local Pryzm and a nightclub in Zante.

Heels are reserved for locals on a Saturday night in Sheffield so forget staggering around until 3am in agony and pick some trainers that you don't mind being covered in Jägerbombs and vodka cokes.

Outfit-wise, it's PrettyLittleThing and boohooMAN.

Classic clubbing clothes.


The main night worth knowing about at Corp is the Skool Disco every Wednesday.

The dress code is simple: shirt, tie, trousers or skirt.

At Corp all that really matters is avoiding falling down the stairs, getting stuck to the stage, or spilling a blue pint down yourself.

So maybe avoid wearing your best interview shirt for this night out.


Tbh if you're still planning on going to Area, you're beyond the help we can offer in this article.

The Tuesday Club

Home to the Flaremax Girl, Tuesday Club is essentially an Urban Outfitters fashion show.

If Tuesday Club is to become your home for the next year, we'd recommend investing in: some of those thin 90s sunglasses, at least three pairs of culottes or flares, an endless number of bandeaus and bodysuits, and a bumbag.

For the guys, it's wavy shirts, black jeans and John Lennon sunglasses.

Or, if you're feeling really bold, Tuesday Club is a great place to show off some of your very unique gap yah trousers.


If you're not in a sports society and want to fit in at Roar, wear your most ridiculous fancy dress and you'll definitely blend in.

Pop Tarts

Pretty much anything goes at Pop Tarts.

Whichever style best describes yours from the list above (even the fancy dress) will be accepted here.

Everyone unites over their shared loved of VKs and Robbie Williams, so fashion becomes the least of your priorities at 2am when you're belting out Angels with a guy dressed as a mermaid.