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Sheffield society become first to offer international students half price membership

They are dedicated to welcoming new members

A Sheffield Students' Union society will break new ground this coming academic year by offering half price membership for international students.

In a move not thought to be have been taken by any other societies at the SU, Sheffield University Geography Society (GeogSoc) will give 50 per cent off membership to students from abroad.

They have said that they want to make GeogSoc more "exciting and accessible", while also citing the current uncertainty faced by international students after the Brexit vote.

Membership for the year is usually £35, meaning that international students will be able to become members for £17.50.

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Speaking to The Tab, GeogSoc president Jake Verity said:

"We believe that we’re one of the most forward-thinking, progressive societies that the University has to offer, and we wanted to continue our dedication to making GeogSoc a more accessible and exciting place, by encouraging everybody to get involved within the society regardless of their background.

"We are fully aware that the university is a space in which people from a range of different countries, backgrounds, and heritages both work and live. Given the fact the future of the United Kingdom is uncertain at present given the result of the EU Referendum, we wanted to show a dedication to the fact that #WeAreInternational and that we celebrate social and cultural diversity in our society."

Inclusions Officer Flora Allan added:

“International Students are an integral part of the University. GeogSoc is friendly and welcoming to all and we would love to see some new faces in our Society this year."

Brand new membership cards will be distributed among all society members in the first weeks of the new semester.

If you haven't yet become a member and would like to, follow the instructions on the GeogSoc website. International students wanting to get in touch about discounts can email [email protected].