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We tried Cafe Totem’s new £5 pizza meal deal menu

The pizza that Totem-ly rocks

Cafe Totem is a unique place. The music is diverse – from ABBA to Arctic Monkeys – and it has a very vintage atmosphere, with old wireless radios, old cash registers and a working jukebox.

There's fairy lights, Polaroid pictures and special Sheffield-themed artwork, and up-cycled furniture. It definitely has that grungy, punk rock, aesthetic vibe going on, making it the perfect place for gigs and pre-drinks.

But now, in addition to good music, Cafe Totem have released a pizza menu: margherita, ham & pineapple, pepperoni, vegetarian and hot and spicy.

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All ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and they also have an option which allows them to especially cater for vegans.

To top it all off, they're also selling it as a meal deal! Any drink (alcoholic or not) and a pizza, all for the savoury price of £5.

As a venue, Cafe Totem also hosts gigs and have a stage downstairs to see the live performances – whilst it is not a nightclub, the atmosphere of this place is rustic and has a calming alluring charm to it.

If you haven't been there yet, you should go. The pizza menu launches on 1st September so don't miss out on the release of a sensational experience.