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What to do in Freshers’ Week that doesn’t involve drinking

The stuff you can actually tell your parents

With Freshers' Week being a mere month away, the annual spam from clubs and bars offering free drinks and wristbands to freshers who don't want to miss out on 'The Freshers' Week Event of the Year!!!' is beginning.

But, having lived through two freshers weeks myself, I've found very little advertised for those who don't want to get completely off their faces for seven days.

So here is my guide for what to do once you get to Sheffield if you a fancy a sober day here and there.

Give it a go

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Every year the Uni of Sheffield SU hosts hundreds of Give it a Go sessions for students looking to make friends and try something new.

With classes ranging from VR Gaming to a Beginners Filmmaking Workshop, there's so much on offer to ease you into Sheffield life and give you the opportuity to mingle with like-minded people.

Even if you're not a fresher this year, you can still get involved! I plan on attending one of the GIAG Road Trips.

You can find tickets here, with most of the classes being either free or less than £5.

Picnic in the Peaks

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Every student who comes to Sheffield arrives with the intention of heading out to the Peak District in their first year.

However, most third years I know have never ventured past Endcliffe pond.

This year, buck the trend and make a day of visiting the Peaks with your new flat, checking out the views and taking a picnic (or Sainsbury's meal deal) to avoid any hungover or hangry arguments over directions.

My personal Peaks recommendations include the quaint towns of Bakewell and Castleton. Both are easily accessible by jumping on the 215 bus (Bakewell) or the 272 bus (Castleton) from the Sheffield Interchange.

Eat your way around the city

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Sheffield is home to some of the best independent restaurants and cafes in the country. With a wide range of choice for all your dietary needs, there's no excuse not to treat yourself to a insta-worthy brunch when your student finance comes in.

My top picks are:

Pom Kitchen – vegetarian and vegan cafe just off Eccesall Road.

Steam Yard – a great place for a coffee and a cake.

Marmadukes – offers everything from porridge to poached eggs.

Upshot Espresso – some of the best cakes in Sheffield

See a film at one of the independent cinemas

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It may be a tempting and easy option to head down to the Odeon in town to see a film when you and your flat fancy a sober night out, but you'll have a much better experience at one of our independent cinemas.

Sheffield is home to the Curzon, Light, and Showroom Cinemas which all offer unique and modern cinematic expereinces.

Create the ideal home with a trip to IKEA

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Perhaps a rogue choice, but I promise it's not one you'll regret.

Popping down to IKEA for a few hours with your new flatmates to grab some decorative cushions and fairy lights will help you figure out sooner rather than later who is the mum of the flat and who still needs to be put in the creche as you walk in.

I've never met a person who doesn't love a trip to IKEA, if not just for the meatballs. So make the most of having a brand new store only a short tram ride away and turn your flat into the most fashionable one in Endcliffe.