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Sheffield Clubbers of the Week – Empty Club Edition

Sheffield do better you are making this difficult.

This Clubbers of the Week has been a eye opening experience into the inner workings of Sheffield nights out with NO students. My perception on all things I knew to be true has been altered. Corp on a Saturday, yes apparently that is a thing and some people actually go, news to me.

But if you thought that was a revelation, wait till you see some of the gems I found on their Facebook page. I mean, the place looks fucking mental. There's pirates and weird shit going down everywhere. So Corp, I dedicate this empty club week to you, you are weird but we love you.

Dramatic Phone Call of the Week

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Has he left the hob on at home, has he left the milk out, has his cat died? Nobody knows, nor will we ever know.

Out of Place Guy of the Week

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I think you need some taller friends pal.

Festival Ready Clubber of the Week (Week Two)

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A continuation of last week's award goes to this man, rumoured to have not stopped drinking since Tramlines.

Mad Dancefloor of the Week

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Literally bouncing.

My Friends Will Hate Me For This of the Week

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Georgia you look possessed.

The Happiest Photo of the Week

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I've never been to Viper Rooms, but it actually looks sorta good, so I may try it. Alexa, how do I make friends?

Photobomb of the Week

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A cute photo made moderately amusing by the existence of an outside presence.

The I'm Scrapping the bottom of the Barrel of the Week

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Here is Brian Wilson Pointing at Someone. Oh how far journalistic standards have fallen.

Bouncer of the Week

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Yes Leadmill have the soundest bouncers, don't try and argue with me.

Vine Reference of the Week

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Photos taken from Code, Corp, Viper Rooms and Leadmill Facebook pages