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What people really think of West Street Live, according to TripAdvisor

Who doesn’t love a night in WSL? A few people apparently

Sheffield has a wide range of locations for nights out and a variety of places to experience. However, as we all know, there is one place that gets mentioned on a regular basis. West Street Live.

It's the epicentre of any decent night out in Sheffield, as most students and locals alike will confirm. Open seven days a week until four in the morning, you really can't go wrong, especially if you live for 'Sunday Funday'. If anything, the cheap drinks and decent tunes are just a bonus.

But, these days, it seems you can't go anywhere without seeing the odd bad review on TripAdvisor, and WSL is not exempt from this. With 56 reviews and a low rating of two stars, it's unfavourable among those who enjoy writing a review on the rating website.

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So here are the reviews that really matter…to those who wrote them anyway.

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This would qualify as a quiet one in Wezzie

We'll start with the positives. All the way from New York, TravelVlogger2018 (guessing that's not his actual name) described it as the 'maddest, craziest fun night out' in just the title . The Choco Milkos must have flowed that night.

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Anne G describes it as "a go to for every Sheffield student" and gives it a five star rating.

Traceyb53 was eager to state the enjoyment she had on Jaime's Hen Night. Her review did leave out the very important details about the pegs, and I'm intrigued to find out what their involvement was in the evening.

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Milliemongo writes that it's a "great place to go if you want live music and a boogie after :)) cheap drinks, open late and 7 days a week!" Yet she only rated it three stars so it obviously takes more than Schit Bombs and Chuck Norris shots to impress Millie.

It seems that the five star reviews come from students, who were probably procrastinating over essays when they wrote them, and regulars who state that they've been going for years. Even the Lord Mayor, Magid Magid, is a fan.

However, it seems as though some people have not had as good a time as our transatlantic friend from earlier.

Some users believe that it's 'one of the worst bars' and AlexJSpicer says "It is one of those places where you have to go so you know why you never want to go again". And he's from Perth, so WSL is not always a favourite for international tourists.

You may plan your night out on TripAdvisor reviews and fair enough if you do, but you'll be very indecisive on Wezzie. If you don't, though, you'll most likely always end up in the venue opposite Adnans on a night out, and there's a good reason why – your bank balance will thank you.