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Sure, these Clubbers of the Week were born in Sheffield, but they were made in the summer of 2018

They did things they never dreamed they would

Previously on Clubbers of the Week, last week's overcast weather, and even water falling from the sky (!), caused us to ask if it was "the end of summer". As it turns out, this summer shows absolutely no sign of ending.

The warmer weather might actually last until October. The sun is constantly out, and so are the people of Sheffield.

Soon enough, our city's nightlife will be taken over by Love Island meet and greets, club nights launched by Love Island contestants, and events at Viper Rooms featuring Adam, off of Love Island. Until then, here are your 100% islander-free Clubbers of the Week.

Coordinated Clubbers of the Week

"Just anything that's black and/or grey, you?"

Album Cover of the Week

Influences: Post Malone, purple pints.

Festival Ready Clubbers of the Week

Turns out glitter suits Corp just as much as Creamfields.

Outdated Dance Move of the Week

The last two people who still "dab" are Paul Pogba and this chap.

Happiest Clubbers of the Week

Everyone has a happy place and theirs is 28 Eyre Street.

Couple of the Week

A loyal couple. Loyal, inside and out, because that's just who they are.

Candid of the Week

Set for almost as many "likes" as a Love Island contestant's sentences

Surprised DJ of the Week

Like everyone else, he regretted checking the news in the early hours of Sunday morning. Here's to you, Barry.

Lads (lads lads) of the Week

All black everything.

Photo Break of the Week

Take it easy for a little while.

"Schit, the Mayor's in West Street Live!" of the Week

Photo credits: Code, Viper Rooms, Crystal and Corp Facebook pages