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Magic Magid is the politician we’ve all been waiting for

Lord Mayor of Sheffield shows yet again why he is a favourite among locals

Politicians are often criticised for failing to represent those they are accountable to. For example, in 2012 Conservative MP Nadine Dorries controversially appeared on hit reality show I’m a Celebrity instead of performing her parliamentary duties in the Commons.

Magid 'Magic' Magid however, who became Lord Mayor of Sheffield in May, has defeated this usual stereotype. The new Lord Mayor has engaged with the local community on a number of occasions, providing a breath of fresh air for politicians and the relationship they hold with the public.

He has become a widely popular figure since his appointment, holding a personality which appeals to not only the younger generation, but many others, including those who share key values such as togetherness, equality and respect.

For the most part, Magid performs his role light-heartedly, but still shows sophistication and determination in his role as Lord Mayor – a reason why he has become a favourite for those he represents.

Earlier this month, Magid made a stage appearance at the city's Tramlines Festival and gained further attention when speaking out about his feelings towards President Trump upon his visit to the United Kingdom:

Perhaps most controversial, Magid gained popularity when expressing his 'ten commandments' for which he hopes the people of Sheffield, as well as those who visit, can aspire to:

Most recently, Magid has invited the people of Sheffield to watch the much anticipated Mamma Mia 2 with him, which needless to say has adopted a positive reaction.

So, maybe the coolest man on the planet at this current moment, 'Magic Magid' has definitely lived up to the politician we've been waiting for.

But what can we expect next from the new Lord Mayor? We look forward to whatever is in stock, but what is certain is that it won't follow the usual nitty-gritty politics.