There is free tequila at nine Sheffield bars for Mexican Solidarity Day

It’s all in protest against the ‘giant orange wasteman’

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So apparently, some bloke called Donald Trump has flown over from the USA on a state visit, who knew?

It's fair to say his few days in this country are pretty controversial, with people making big plans to voice their discontent against the man with the ridiculous hair cut/wig.

Sheffield certainly isn't exempt from this. Lord Mayor Magid 'Magic' Magid announced in a selection of tweets that the city would celebrate Mexican Solidarity Day on the Friday on the POTUS' visit and he has definitely delivered.

Magic Magid is fully embracing Mexican Solidarity Day

As well as a protest outside City Hall, there is complimentary tequila on offer in bars all over the city all day to show support towards Hispanic brothers and sisters who have been insulted repeatedly by the US Apprentice star.

As well as free shots (apt for Trump's tiny hands), there are cocktail and Mexican food offers in bars and restaurants such as El Paso and Revs De Cuba.

So, you may not feel like you're in your element in the middle of a demonstration but not to worry. Go out and show your distaste for the child imprisoning, trade deal busting President of the United States by downing a few shots with your mates and soaking it all up with some free nachos.