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Now Jared O’Mara has been reinstated as Hallam MP, a by-election must be called

He was suspended for misogynistic and homophobic comments

People’s opinions and values can change drastically over fifteen years, there’s no doubt about it. Jared O’Mara has worked hard with the Labour Party and had held a very successful campaign in the 2017 General Election.

This resulted in him replacing Nick Clegg as the local MP and instating himself in a place of respect and he gained a substantial amount of support from those in the Sheffield Hallam constituency.

However, the Labour Party has allowed for Jared to assume his position within the party despite alleged comments he made in the past, which not only damages the party itself, but I believe shows disrespect towards constituents.

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Jared was suspended by the Labour Party in October for comments exposed by Guido Fawkes

Sheffield is one of the most diverse cities in the country and is very welcoming to those of different ethnicities, religious backgrounds and sexualities. This is most evident in the election of Muslim, Somalian refugee Magid Magid as the new Lord Mayor of the city.

Therefore, progress towards equality for all those in Sheffield and the surrounding areas has taken a step backwards with O’Mara’s reappointment as Hallam’s local MP.

Although this is an issue that has be discussed internally by the party with O’Mara, surely trust will be lost by local residents in the party and this will be evident in the next election. Second chances do exist and given time, the former West St Live DJ may do some good work for the constituency.

A by-election should be called for Sheffield Hallam to decide whether they actually trust him in his position now they know what comments he has made in the past. Only this will decide whether his past, and his apologies that followed the leak, make him the right representative for local people on the national stage.

It is frustrating that many male MPs are regularly reinstated into positions despite their past, but at the end of the day, it is up to Sheffield Hallam to decide whether he is the right person to serve them and address their needs.