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Breaking: Koen Lamberts is the new President and Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield Uni

The Belgian psychologist is currently at York Uni

Professor Koen Lamberts has been announced by The University of Sheffield as its new President and Vice-Chancellor.

Koen has spent the last four years as Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of York, and will leave York for Sheffield on 31 October.

He replaces current Vice-Chancellor Sir Keith Burnett, who announced his retirement in January after a decade in the role.

Lamberts was born in Belgium, and has undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, as well as a PhD in Experimental Psychology.

He has acted as Chair of the N8 group of research-based universities in the north of England, as well as working as a lecturer at the University of Birmingham and Professor of Cognitive Science, then Deputy Vice-Chancellor, at Warwick University.

In a statement on the University website, Professor Koen Lamberts has said: "I feel enormously privileged to be appointed President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield.

"Sheffield is known across the world for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness of its research and teaching, and for being a university which speaks fearlessly for the value of international scholarship to transform lives for the better.

"I am committed to working with colleagues to further enhance Sheffield's reputation as a global university which strives to solve society's greatest challenges at the same time as upholding its proud history, guided by its founding principles."

In an email sent to York students this morning, he wrote:

"I am writing to tell you that, after almost five very happy years as Vice-Chancellor of the University of York, I have decided to move on. I have accepted the position of President & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, which means that I will leave the University on 31 October 2018.

"I am very proud of what we have achieved together since 2014. It has been a great pleasure to work with YUSU, the GSA, and many student societies and groups on making the University an even better place to live and study.

"I have admired the way in which we have been able to make progress on very challenging issues, in an open and engaging manner, through genuine dialogue and collaboration. I will always remember the role you, our students, have played in supporting our thinking about student mental health, about teaching and learning, about openness and tolerance on campus, and so many other important matters.

"You did not shy away from difficult questions, and in doing so enabled me and my colleagues to address them with confidence. For that, I am grateful to all of you, and although we have not found all the answers yet, we have made undeniable progress."

Sheffield Students' Union have said they are "confident and happy" with the appointment.

The Vice-Chancellor is arguably the most important role in the structure of the University, with a salary of over £420,000 a year.

Tony Pedder OBE, Chair of the University of Sheffield Council, said: "I’m delighted to announce Professor Koen Lamberts as the next President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield.

"This is an extremely important appointment for our University as we look to build further on our global reputation for world-changing research, inspirational teaching and a unique student experience."