Student single bus tickets now cost £1.20

First buses will now cost 20p more

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Students will be hit by a new higher bus fare when they return to Sheffield in September.

First Buses have yet to release a statement on the rise but their website states that the 'on bus' price of a 'bargain student ticket' is £1.20.

Last year there was outrage when fellow Sheffield bus company Stagecoach increased their fare to £1.20. But following the angry complaints from students, the price was lowered back to the original, affordable, £1,

The discovery was made by a bereft Sheffield student who reported it on Sheffessions. They were told by the bus driver that the 'student single is £1.20 now mate' in a tone which seems to ignore the financial struggle of students who now must fork out an extra 20p when lugging their suitcases from Endcliffe to the station.

Perhaps if there are enough complaints First will mimic Stagecoach's u-turn and return prices to their acceptable level, but for now Sheffield students must start hoarding their loose change again if they want to travel across the city.