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Police and firefighters were called to Balti King to rescue a woman who fell asleep in the toilets

It happened on Sunday morning

A woman had to be rescued by the emergency services after falling asleep in the Balti King toilets following a night out.

While an early morning pilgrimage to the Broohmill restaurant is standard procedure for many Sheffield students, ending up there overnight takes it to a whole new level.

The Sheffield Star today reported that the woman woke up in the restaurant at around 9:30am on Sunday.

Locked in the restaurant and unable to make her way out, she dialed 999 to call for firefighters and police officers, who cut the metal shutters of the restaurant to help free her.

The fact that this was the day after the final Pop Tarts of the academic year may or may not be a coincidence.

The standard has well and truly been raised for students who visit the hallowed restaurant after a madras one, although the woman in question will probably be hoping that her future nights out are a bit korma.