The Peep Show quiz is returning to the Leadmill in September

It’s hosted by Big Mad Andy

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Although Freshers' Week may have ended by the 23rd September, this doesn't mean you have to knuckle down for the semester straight away.

The Peep Show quiz is back at The Leadmill, and the Beastie Boys fought and quite possibly died for your right to party, so you'd be as mad as its host, Big Mad Andy, to turn it down.

No punching of Andy will take place, no matter how much cheap paint he brings

The cult sitcom, which ran for nine seasons between 2003 and 2015, is highly regarded as one of the best British shows of this century. Starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell, it's a comedy classic that at least one of your housemates quotes on a regular basis.

The last Peep Show Quiz in Sheffield was very successful and sold out almost a month before it took place, so don't be a pisskidney and miss out on tickets.

It'll be a perfect way to round off Freshers week, whether you've been in Sheffield for a few years already, or you're new to the city and are in search of your new El Dude Brother.

So, if you know how many naans Jeremy bought, or which company wiped the pictures of 'the twins' off Super Hans' phone, make sure you and your fellow 'yardies' book yourselves a table for this night. Get your tickets here.