39 things you learn as a Sheffield student across three years of uni

Growing up = choosing Pop Tarts over Corp

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For thousands of us, uni is coming to an end – forever. It's been an emotional journey, where we've moved on from the dark days of House Every Weekend (what a bad song), ruined our livers and lives on countless occasions, and found friends for life – before losing them in Pop Tarts.

We wouldn't have had it any other way. Three years as a student in Sheffield teach you a lot – and here's everything that we have learnt.

Despite the inspections and extortionate laundry, Endcliffe was home away from home…

Almost worth the unbearably long trek to uni

…although with noisier, drunker neighbours…

…and absolutely no chance of a "sleeping pattern"

Stuck in Ranmoor? Then you were fully mugged off with only one silver lining

Corp was THE place to be in first year, week in week out

At least 1,000 units of alcohol have been consumed across this photo

Your blue pint-fuelled mistakes live on through Corp TV

Corp TV Ghoul Disco Wednesday 26th October 2016

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Posted by Corporation Sheffield on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Code also exists as an established first year favourite

Despite the brawling Hallam lads and a roof which rains sweat, everyone loves the cheap drinks

One man provided most of your drunk food in first year

The rest of it came from sit down meals at three in the morning, which are of course perfectly normal

Although you probably only need 40% to get through first year, hungover lectures are not the one

As time goes by, your flatmates lose some of their shine

But after first year you'll miss Endcliffe, with its aesthetic views and en suite bathrooms

As work got tougher, there was always somewhere which just seemed to make everything better

In Brexit Britain, £81 million still doesn't add up to enough study spaces

As much fun as Varsity is, the outcome is never in doubt

Sport at Sheffield is a serious business. Six years in a row. Black and gold. VKs everywhere, every Wednesday

There's no getting away from drunken mistakes at uni…

…but the lifelong friendships formed will more than make up for it

Tuesday nights are for bass, booze, and bad decisions

Get Out My Head sounds better every time

And, by the time you're in second or third year, you realise just how joyous Pop Tarts is


Trying out a rogue techno night is part and parcel of uni

However, there are plenty of people unchanged by Sheff who still prefer Dappy to Denis Sulta

The German traditions of steins and dancing on tables to Busted bring everybody together

As does the Aslan's photo wall, which is a sign that you've truly made it

It's not all heavy nights, with the calm vibes and unreal views of the Peaks on our doorstep

Kelham Island is also a treasure trove which is well worth exploring

And there's no shortage of amazing societies and great causes to get involved in

SU politics is A! Big! Deal! in Sheffield, with thousands voting every year for the officer positions

You're never more than weeks from an important protest…

…and the odd occupation

As dissertations and deadlines loom, the IC is where dreams go to die…

…if you can even get in, that is

Third year in particular gets boring to the point that we tell the world it's boring to feel less bored

However long it takes, the suffering will come to an end, and it will be worth it


After some Instagram likes and a messy night out? Look no further than your department ball


Speaking of messy nights out, one place in Sheffield will ruin your life EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME

Everyone's felt a bit schit after a heavy night in this place

Nothing beats a Sheffield beer garden, especially when the uni bit of uni is finished forever


Wherever we all end up, there is absolutely no place like the Steel City. Never change, Sheffield.

Photos taken from the Corp, Code and Tuesday Club Facebook pages