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Here are the best places to watch the World Cup in Sheffield this summer

It’s coming home, it’s coming…

Unfortunately, most student loans don't cover the costs for a month in Russia to watch the best international sporting tournament take place. However, this doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the action whilst in Sheffield this summer.

So here are a selection of bars, pubs and venues that will show games throughout the World Cup period so you can cheer on the lads wearing the Three Lions or any other country wherever you are in the city.

The Leadmill

The famous music venue and club, only a two minute walk from the train station, is opening for every England game throughout the tournament. Kitted out with fifteen screens over three rooms, you won't miss a single bit of the action. They'll also be raffles at half-time to win crates of Red Stripe, VIP cards for club nights and free gig tickets. If this isn't enough to persuade you to go along, its free entry and Red Stripe and Strongbow cans are four for £12, which isn't too bad of a deal at all! Expect a few surprises when Harry Kane or one of his team mates put one past the opposition's goalkeeper and a brilliant match day atmosphere for every game.

Kickov at the Abbeydale Picturehouse

How does a Russian themed football, beer, food and music festival sound? Pretty good to us and it's all happening at the Abbeydale Picturehouse throughout the World Cup period. Selected games, including every England fixture, will be shown on the largest screen in Sheffield and in cinema HD. It's free entry throughout the tournament and every match day will be accompanied by an array of live comedy and music acts, as well as quizzes and Footy-oke. Click this link for more information on selected games and offers throughout the festival.

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There's nothing worse than turning up to the pub to watch the game with your mates and having to order a massive round, as well as trying to find a spot where you can all sit together. Well, have no fear, Walkabout has that all covered. You and your mates can book a booth for any game and can save the hassle of being up and down for the duration of the match by ordering one of the many deals they offer, be it a £50 bar tab or a burger and a pint for everyone in the group. If there aren't that many of you, you can get free tickets on their website so you don't have the hassle of queuing to get in just as the game kicks off.

The Globe

Located outside the main doors of Hallam's City Campus, this pub is very ideal for the city centre dwellers. With student cards available for a solitary pound, the cost of your pints (or non-alcoholic drinks for the sober ones) will be a lot cheaper. Screens are dotted around the entire pub so you won't miss any of the 90 minutes. You can also book a table if there are a few of you heading down and are wanting to watch the game in comfort. Food is available throughout opening times and package deals can be booked also, just go in and ask for information.

So whether you're an avid football follower or you're just using the World Cup as an excuse for heavy day drinking (it's a legitimate reason, don't worry), go and see what Sheffield has to offer when it comes to the best sporting tournament in the world.