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Izzy Eason is your Sheffield BNOC of 2018

She gained 34% of the vote

The people of Sheffield have spoken and have declared that Izzy Eason is the BNOC in Sheffield this year!

The Business Management second year is described as 'the life and soul of the party', and this is one of her many features which allowed her to gain the most prestigious of university titles.

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Izzy (on the right) is our BNOC winner of 2018!

She's certainly made a name for herself around campus, whether her house party is attended by Great British Bake Off's very own Liam or when she's dislocating her knee on various occasions, most famously in Croatia following a nine-day hike for charity.

As well as all the above, she's well known around Sheffield and is always bumping into people she knows on nights out.

Izzy wants to thank everyone that voted for her and gave her something to put in her Tinder bio. She says that "its a great way to finish before going on placement" and is "ready to take on Sheffield in 2019!"

Congratulations Izzy!