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Vote for Sheffield’s BNOC of 2018 – The Final

This is the one


So we've arrived at the final. Your BNOCs have been voted for and we've complied the winners from each group to find out who really is the biggest name on campus in Sheffield in 2018.

We've left it up to the nominees to write up why they should win in their own words, so have a read, pick a favourite and don't forget to vote!

Izzy Eason

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Friends call me the most sociable person with social anxiety. I'm fully immersed into university life, running charitable events with sports societies and committees across the uni with RAG. I completed a 10 day hitchhike across Europe with the Bummit society, where I raised £500 for charity – I only got asked for sex for a lift once.

I tried for netball but realised there was too much exercise involved, and joined croquet society instead, which I competed in and now have a world ranking (2331st), and continued to boogie at Jayda G's set at Theatre Deli after dislocating my knee. When I asked my mum why I should win, she just replied, "because you're fantastic Izzy."

Jack Wells

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Why do I deserve to be BNOC?

I don’t.

I just have some friends that thought it would be funny to vote me this far for literally no reason.

I hate them all.

Here’s a tried and tested method to make toast though, if that’s worth anything:

1) Soak bread in lighter fluid.

2) Put near a naked flame of a fire bin burning evidence

3) Lightly burn it

4) Hang it on the washing line to cool

5) Wait three months for it to gracefully age

6) Bin it

7) Make toast with a toaster you absolute nonce*

*Unless you’re Jules, who uses a microwave instead

Sam Wickett

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It was quite a surprise to be nominated in the first place, and to get out of the group of death in the first round, with my links to Engineers Rugby’s ‘best boys’ proving to be a pivotal factor. Going on to be 2s captain this year has raised my profile, especially within the women’s cricket club and in and around Bar One on Thursdays. Was a big disappointment not to win Varsity so would be nice to leave on a high and win BNOC and do it for the 2s boys #justiceforwillsaxon #SUMHCandwearehere

Michael Barge

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Friends have described me as elegance personified, dignity incarnate. The last of the true Englishmen. And whilst one tries not to appear too immodest, it’s hard to disagree with them. This, combined with a mastery of foreign tongues and the ability to drink three bottles of wine and suffer no ill effects, makes for a very potent combination. But I’m not doing this for me. I have no wish for glory or fame. I’m doing this for all the good guys out there. For all the decent chaps who just want to get along, but so often get forgotten. A BNOC for all.

So there you have it, the BNOC of Sheffield of 2018 is one step away from being awarded the most prestigious title they'll ever receive…probably. Give them a vote below:

Look out for the winner on The Tab Sheffield Facebook page!

Cover photo taken from the Club Tropicana Facebook page