Sheffield Clubbers Of The Week: Post-Deadline Special

Essays: in, students: out

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As exams are sat and essays handed in, more and more students are finishing uni, either for the academic year or for all eternity.

After completing this year's modules and maybe having a commemorative photo, pints are announced, pre drinks organised, and those done with the library hit the clubs.

Here are this week's happy hedonists, stress-free – although almost certainly not hangover-free – for the first time in months.

Royals of the Week

Meghan and Harry love a bit of Sandstorm

Extra points for effort with the tiara

Phone Addict of the Week

When Leadmill's good but the beef on the timeline is better

Posers of the Week

There's a lot going on here

Spillage of the Week

To be fair, it could just be Code's roof in full effect

Outfits of the Week

A truly Super choice

Dance Moves of the Week

Feeling the bass till their feet hurt

Happiest Clubber

The sort of joy only vodka mixers can bring

Squad of the Week

Up the non-stop retro-pop

Third Wheel of the Week

Lei all your love on me

Lost Clubber of the Week

When your Corp Wednesday overruns into a Student Saturday

Musician of the Week

Sax appeal at its finest

Photos taken from the Leadmill, Pop Tarts and Code Facebook pages