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These are Sheffield’s best dissertation pictures of 2018

“So glad I’ve finished DISS”


After months of procrastination, sweat and tears, there is only one thing more satisfying than finishing your dissertation – the steady stream of Instagram likes that follow.

Within minutes, your mates will start commenting, either to big up your achievement or just take the piss. Locals from your hometown who you've not spoken to properly since Year 12 will drop it a like. If you play your cards right, you'll even break into triple-figures.

From full on photo shoots outside department buildings to puns that range from the perfect to the predictable, here are Sheffield's best hand in photos of 2018.

A hand in photo which replaces the word 'this' with the word 'DISS', classic

*DJ Khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE

Other puns are available guys…

The look of a happy, dissertation free man

It doesn't get more candid than this

It's never a bad time for that retro filter

Taking it to church

Squad hand-in goals

Bonus points for use of the word "reyt"

And now for something completely different

14,588 words deserves triple figure likes

On top of the world (or at least the Hallam sign)

Honesty at its finest