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Vote for your Sheffield BNOC of 2018 – Group Four

We’re almost out of the group stages

The BNOC of Sheffield final is close at hand but, before we get to that enthralling finale, you have to decide on one more person to make it through to the last round.

Check out this list of nominees and give them a vote at the bottom of the page. If you've missed the last few rounds, that's not a problem, click here to have a look at them and get voting for your favourites.

Laurence Smith

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The first nominee is third year Laurence. The Politics and Economics student has been the chair for the Sheffield Students Conservative Association for the last year, and his name has definitely been mentioned on campus in recent weeks. When not chairing meetings, he's out and about in Sheffield's clubs and bars! He's always willing to get the rounds in, sometimes spending in excess of fifty pounds, leaving fiscal responsibility behind. So if he's bought you a pint before, give him a vote below!

Michael Barge

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This Hispanic Studies student is described as one of the last true gentlemen of England. This ladies' man is always in conversation with girls on nights out and his mates put this down to gentlemanly persona, although this was questioned when he scared his friend's girlfriend when dressed as an armadillo. Michael is renowned for paying for the taxi on night outs, willing for people to just buy him one inside when they get to their destination. He's nicknamed "King Of The Foxes" by his mates due to his attachment to animals. Take that as you will.

Nick Hale

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Nick is a Physics student at Uni Of. Being the captain for the Hockey first team, he's no stranger to nights at Roar, recognised for his high percentage attendance at the AU club night by members of various UoS sports teams. The second year has a bit of a soft spot for a blonde girl, although his memory may not help him in the search for the one. Although he had lost his virginity, it was after his third time that he remembered that he actually had lost it a while back. So, give him a vote at the bottom of the page if you recognise him from your nights in the SU.

Mel Bowser

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Do you share your name with a character from Super Mario Brothers? Didn't think so! And it is this is what makes Mel a BNOC according to her nomination. The Maths second year is described as an 'absolute madman' as she signed up for and paid for a Korfball membership for the year, yet hasn't turned up to a single session! So, if give her a vote below if you're on the Korfball team (she has given you a bit of funding to be fair), if you're a friend of hers, or indeed a fan of the Nintendo franchise.

Isaac Bowler

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Our final nominee of the group stages for BNOC of Sheffield 2018 is Isaac, a Psychology student in his third year at Uni Of. Described as an 'actual owl', he very rarely sees the light of day. His nocturnal habits and completely unpredictable sleeping pattern make him a BNOC in the eyes of his mates, once waking up as Match of the Day began, and not during the Sunday morning repeat. He's also well known in his house for taking everyone's milk out the fridge, to be replaced by his uncovered, raw chicken. So, if you know Isaac or have seen him about at an ungodly hour, give him a vote below.

And there ends the group stages for BNOC 2018. Click here to vote for your favourite in this group and remember to look out for the final in the next few days!

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