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Sheffield Pet of the Week: Prince Joisin Jnr III

Is catto a thing?

Meet the social butterfly of Crookesmoor, Prince Joisin Jnr III (or Joisin for short).

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This furtive feline wanders the streets of S10, preying on vulnerable students in need of affection.

His heritage is a mystery but from his regal manner we immediately knew we were in the presence of royalty.

We may not know Joisin's personal history, but this is what we learnt from our brief brush with a BPOC.

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Whilst most cats spend their days lounging around switching between sleeping and eating, Joisin enjoys long walks up Conduit and exploring ecoli-ridden 2nd year kitchens.

A cat of the night, he preys on drunk students eager for a cute Snapchat story who feed him a wide variety of foods in an attempt to get that perfect shot.

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Fave nights out

Like most poshos, Joisin is often spotted in Hope Works and Tuesday Club, trying to lose his private school image by meowing in a South London accent and wearing vintage Addidas.

Occasionally you'll find Joisin hanging out outside Pizza Mania, looking to win the affection of some innocent freshers who've forgotten how to get back to Endcliffe.

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Where is he now?

The problem with a BPOC is that they never stick around in one place for long.

You turn around and there they are, pushing themselves into another group and boosting their popularity through a cute meow and a tail swish.

Will we see Prince Joisin Jnr III again? Who knows.

But at least we've got a cute Instagram post for peak time next Sunday.