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‘We got it wrong’: Pride Sheffield organisers say sorry for ‘celebration, not a protest’ comment

They have also complained to Hallam about three students

The organisers of Pride Sheffield have issued a statement of apology after guidance sent out describing the event as "a celebration, not a protest".

They have also told The Tab that they have made a complaint to Sheffield Hallam University over "the three main individuals who started all this."

After outrage over the "not a protest" comment and the ban on political groups attending, Pride have issued a statement acknowledging that the event is "about protest as well as celebration."

"Pride Sheffield committee would like to say that we are sorry for any misunderstanding regarding guidance we issued about the Pride march and accept that it may have caused offence or upset.

"We have listened to people’s views and we acknowledge we got it wrong. We had originally stated Pride was a 'celebration not a protest' following criticism we received after last year's parade and event.

"We are working hard to ensure that this year’s Pride is an inclusive, respectful and celebratory event that welcomes everyone. We recognise that Pride events evolved from political protest and a movement that strives for equality and community involvement.

"We would never wish to censor diversity or prevent protest. We encourage everyone to wear bright clothing to represent the colours of the rainbow to bring a sense of celebration and visibility to the parade, however this is not a restriction and attendees can wear what they choose."

The organisers have also submitted formal complaints to Sheffield Hallam University about the behaviour of three students thought to be involved in the leaked email and the surrounding social media backlash.

They describe the individuals as "bringing the University into dispute" and claim that "we have been assured by Hallam University that this is being taken extremely seriously."