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Meet the Sheffield student who regrets her tattoo so much she’s getting it removed

Always think before you ink

Turning 18 is a major milestone,you're an adult now and can legally make your own decisions and many people decide to mark this by getting a tattoo, which can have consequences.

Don't get me wrong, tattoos are great if they are planned. You must always remember a tattoo is for life and such thing should not be rushed or be an impulse decision, because that is a recipe for disaster.

Angelica Giugno, a 23-year-old journalism student at The University of Sheffield, regrets her tattoo that much she is now going through tattoo removal.

She said: "I got this tattoo as soon as I turned 18, and although I appreciate tattoos as art, I now regret it as it's not really my kind of thing anymore and I am now going through the process of removal.

"The tattoo says 'momento mori' which is Latin for 'remember life', cringe. It was completely impulsive, and it was legal to do it so I did.

Angelica's tattoo after five sessions of removal

Tattoo removal is often described as being more painful than getting the actual tattoo and the process itself can be lengthy – you can't expect it to be completely gone after one session, so patience is key.

The removal is achieved by energy breaking down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which eventually is absorbed into the bloodstream and safely passed out the body.

Andrea Catton, from Burnley, who has 15 years' tattoo removal experience, said: "I remember last summer many students came in after coming back home from uni and their parents paid for their tattoo removal.

"Personally, I think students most likely get their tattoos covered up with another one as they're influenced by the TV programme such as Tattoo Fixers.

"The worst tattoos I have seen are portrait tattoos of people, some you would honestly think a seven-year-old has drawn them."

So before getting a tattoo, make sure it's something you really want. It sounds rather simple, but our personalities and style can change as we get older just like Angelica's, did and please, please go somewhere decent – a cheap tattoo parlour usually indicates that something is dodgy.