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It’s time to admit that Club Tropicana is a better night out than Pop Tarts

The eighties vibes are unbeatable

Most club nights in Sheffield have one thing in common – cheesy tunes. Whether it's "student anthems" every Thursday at Code, or school disco classics at Corp's aptly named (and badly spelt) Skool Disco, thousands of students live for slightly naff throwbacks and hands-in-the-air choruses.

Two of Sheffield's finest nights, Pop Tarts at the Students' Union and Club Tropicana at The Leadmill, are entirely dedicated to guilty pleasures. They both have a lot going for them, and sell out on a regular basis.

While this may be an unpopular opinion in some circles, Club Tropicana is a better night out than Pop Tarts. Before you spit out your passion bomb in shock and outrage, here is why Tropicana takes the cheese crown.

The music at Pop Tarts has nothing on Tropicana

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Do people actually prefer Gaga to George Michael?

Hear me out on this one. In the main room, Pop Tarts dedicates itself to pop from the last 20 years – Busted and Bey, Swift and Soulja Boy. It goes without saying that the more you drink, the better the tunes we used to Bluetooth each other sound.

However, the general, recent nature of Poppy Ts means that the quality varies more. Despacito should have been left in last summer. Rockstar by Nickelback gets played without a trace of irony.

Club Tropicana finds a niche of what was popular in the eighties and sticks to it. From disco to electronica to all out pop music, there isn't a classic of the era that you won't hear. As much as we all like Dua Lipa in basically every sense of the word, Come On Eileen will always be better than New Rules.

There's a better, nicer vibe at Tropicana

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The last time I went to Pop Tarts, I saw a fight break out during Baby by Justin Bieber. Some even refer to the event as "Drop Tarts", using the event predominantly as an excuse to do copious amounts of coke.

More people have to be kicked out by security, there are more people crying in the smoking area, and not everyone seems to get the memo that they're meant to be having fun and being decent to each other.

At Tropicana, however, there is a more upbeat vibe. People help each other up off the floor after their sixth £2 vodka double – on a related note, the drinks are also more affordable. Helped by the music played, it's a huge serotonin boost of a night, and everyone you meet is super friendly.

Further to this, The Leadmill sets an example for all other clubs to follow. Through posters up at the venue and in the toilets, it is leading the way in fighting harassment. Drugs are less of an issue, too – the high provided by Earth, Wind & Fire's September is more than enough for most.

Club Tropicana goes the extra mile

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You don't get given a flower garland on your way into Sheffield Students' Union, nor are there any inflatable ducks or flamingos knocking about. Club Tropicana goes the extra mile to make your night out memorable, or memorable as it can be with those regulars' card offers.

While drinks may not quite be free, most aspects of Club Tropicana outshine Pop Tarts. From the irresistible tunes to the friendly atmosphere, it's the best throwback night in Sheffield. As good as non-stop retro pop may be, non-stop eighties retro pop is even better.