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The annual World Food Festival took place at the Octagon this weekend

All profits will go to the societies involved

The annual World Food Festival took place at the Octagon this weekend, organised by the International Students' Committee (ISC).

Twelve different societies made up of international students ran food and drink stalls at the event to showcase different national cuisines.

All profits from the event will go directly to the societies that took part, many of whom have quite small budgets.

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Running stalls today (Sunday) were Romanian Soc, East African Soc, Egyptian Soc, Polish Soc, Indian Soc, and Sudanese Soc.

Stalls on Saturday came from national societies representing students from Lebanon, Oman, Thailand and China, as well as Arab Soc and MASSOC.

Entry was £2 for the day or £3 for the weekend, with food tokens available at a range of prices and the majority of options being vegan or vegetarian.

In addition to the stalls, a quiz took place throughout the event to raise awareness of sustainability.

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Speaking to The Tab at the event, Harry Potter, the Home Rep of the International Students' Committee, said:

"It can be quite difficult to bring home and international students together, but the World Food Festival is definitely the best for this.

"It takes months of planning but we all really enjoy it when it happens, and we can all agree that food is something we universally love. This always gets a great turnout, and raises money for the national societies, which is good for them because their budgets are quite limited.

"It's an event that we'll certainly have next year and the years after that, and that we always look forward to."