BREAKING: Hallam exam delayed after ‘water supply issue’ closes Ponds Forge

The exam was rescheduled to 10:30

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A Sheffield Hallam exam was delayed by an hour this morning following the closure of Ponds Forge, the venue where it was due to take place.

Ponds Forge was closed during the night and unable to open at its usual time, because of a "problem with water supply in the building".

This left Ponds Forge without any running water, and the exam, set to start at 9:30am, was pushed back by an hour.

In a text to students, Sheffield Hallam University said:

"Urgent message about your exam this morning (Wednesday 2nd May 2018) at Ponds Forge. The exam will now start at 10:30am.

"This delay has been caused by a problem with water supply in the building. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

Students sitting the exam reacted with a mix of anger and amusement on social media.

One student tweeted to complain about their luck, while others were just saddened that their exam had been pushed back.

The irony of a swimming pool having a water shortage will only serve to make this exam season even more testing for those affected.