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Sheffield Tory election to be re-run after ‘intimidation’ allegations

This comes after a formal complaint was made to the SU

The Sheffield Tory society will be holding another AGM after their first committee election was marred by allegations of 'intimidation'.

All positions will be rerun after eight society members approached The Tab last week about the "unfair" AGM. A formal complaint was also submitted to Sheffield Students' Union.

Their allegations included intimidation occurring to undermine some candidates, not all members being told about proxy votes, and chair Laurence Smith's speech overrunning by twice the time it was meant to.

A post in the society Facebook group obtained by The Tab sets out the rules for the new AGM, which is taking place by recommendation of the Students' Union. The post says:

"All committee members will be rerun, we will follow the rules in the new constitution, candidates are allowed to withdraw if they want to…[and] there will be no new candidates."

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The Returning Officer, who described the complaint submitted to the Students' Union as "completely valid" and apologised for their part in the election, will also act as Returning Officer in the new election.

The post states that any votes for RON (Reopen Nominations) must be sorted on the night, and that the name of everyone who votes in the AGM will be recorded on the night.

It concludes by saying:

"We want to get this right so that the society can have an AGM and a committee that we are all proud of."

The date of the new committee election is expected to be confirmed shortly.

A Sheffield University Conservative Society spokesperson said:

"The SU recommended that it would be advisable to run our AGM again. This is in line with what the committee and returning officer had already decided to do."

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