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Every single Fashion finalist at Hallam has filed a complaint about the quality of their course

Students have claimed they had to wait up to four hours just to be seen by a tutor

Every single third year Fashion and Communication Management student at Sheffield Hallam has filed a complaint about the poor quality of teaching on their course.

Sheffield Hallam University have confirmed they are investigating the complaint made by a group of students about the teaching quality they are receiving during their studies.

The main issues raised by the students to their faculty have involved miscommunication, lack of feedback, contact time and staffing issues, all of which have been outlined in a shared Google doc.

Final year student, Bijal Chauhan, 21, told The Tab: "A lot of the feedback we get is inconsistent. Ever since two of our lecturers left in January, I haven't received any feedback."

Bijal also told The Tab some students thought a WhatsApp group chat created by the teaching staff to communicate with students was unprofessional: "It wasn't our idea, it was theirs. They would use the WhatsApp group, but at inappropriate hours, like 10pm.

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A senior member of staff was unaware the group chat existed, and it has since been shutdown after students filed the complaint.

Bijal told The Tab: "They only found out about it when she had to take over from our old lecturers who had left.

"There were other inappropriate messages, like they sent pictures of themselves marking our work over Christmas.

"It left us wondering like, should you be doing that?"

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Students were also unaware that scheduled 'lectures' were actually just one-to-one sessions with tutors. However, due to the department being understaffed, students were waiting around for hours waiting to be seen.

Bijal said: "Students who were commuting would come in and wait the entire day to be seen.

"There was one time where my friend had arrived at 2pm and waited around until 6pm to be seen. I cant remember the last time I had a one-to-one."

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An example of some of the work produced by one of the students

Bijal, along with every single third year on the course, have signed a complaint form to the ACES faculty, to show they all feel that the course is inadequate.

In the document, one student calls the standard of teaching "extremely poor," and says they "feel as though I haven't learnt anything or been taught anything".

Another student says the year group she be entitled to compensation as they have "been left to the side yet again," and should have a "decreased tuition fee for this year as we have not had any lessons that will enforce our studies."

The document is a Google spreadsheet that outlines their specific complaints, which has been redacted at the request of the students.

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Following the complaint, a meeting was held with students on April 11th with the head of their department.

With final project deadlines looming in May, students were offered an extension, as compensation for the poor quality of support they had received.

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson, said: "We are currently investigating a complaint from a group of students who have raised concerns about the quality of teaching they have received during their studies.

"The university prides itself on delivering high-quality teaching, learning and outcomes for all its students and was awarded a Silver rating in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework.

"It is therefore concerning that some students feel these standards have not been met and we are looking into the issues raised as part of the University's formal complaints procedure.

"Members of the University's Leadership Team are also in contact with the students to discuss the matter."

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