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Female staff at Uni of work for free after October 24th until the end of the calendar year due to gender pay gap

Women within the University earn 19 per cent less than their male counterparts


It's been revealed that female staff working for the University of Sheffield will essentially be working for free from 24th October until the end of the calendar year, due to the gender pay gap.

The university insist that this is due to more women working in the lower quartile of pay, whilst more men have jobs in the upper quartile.

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The university have also insisted that they are taking steps to reduce the gender pay gap, by putting more women in higher up jobs and professorships. They said, "Whilst we are making significant progress, there is much more to do. We are committed to continuing with our key activities at University level, and taking a strategic approach to actively building diverse teams, in order to rebalance our workforce."

However, the statistics are gradually getting better. In 2003, there was a pay gap of 32.2 per cent between men and women, whereas in 2017 the pay gap was 15.2 per cent.

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