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Tiger Works apologise for racist meme posted on their social media accounts

The post was aimed at students and mocked the Chinese accent

Tiger Works Bar in Sheffield have issued an apology after a racist meme was posted to their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The post, uploaded on Friday evening, featured a picture of a Chinese person on the phone, with the captions "wing wing wing", "herro?" and "yes bishes, it's Flyday", all mocking the Chinese accent.

The post was published to encourage students to visit the bar before midnight on Friday to gain access to special offers on drinks.

It sparked concern amongst some members of the University of Sheffield community, especially following racist incidents on campus over the past few months.

The person responsible for posting the meme will no longer be allowed access to any of the bar's social media outlets, Tiger Works have promised.

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The meme which was posted by Tiger Works

Joanne Zsiari, the owner of Tiger Works, told The Tab:

"In regards to the recent post I would like to say that this was not an authorised post and the person responsible will no longer be able to access the social media accounts.

"It was removed as soon as it was seen by the manager which I believe was around five minutes after it was posted and we apologise for any offence that has been caused.

"We regret that this situation has occurred and can assure you that this will not occur again."

The post was taken down from the Instagram account almost immediately, but remained on the Facebook page for around 20 hours until it was deleted.

The meme seems to have been sourced from the content database, and appears with the equally thoughtless caption "Chinese people be like…" in its original form.