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Poptarts to be renamed Popheroes after feminists question use of the word ‘tart’

The decision comes after feminists on campus objected to the use of the word ‘tart’

It's been announced that everyone's favourite SU night, Poptarts, will be having a name change after the Easter break.

It comes after vocal feminists within the University of Sheffield objected to the use of the word 'tart', a misogynistic term for a woman.

The SU insist the name is supposed to be a play on the American snack, "Pop-Tarts', and the fact that they play pop tunes through the decades.

However, some have said that in 2018 it is "unacceptable for a university to associate themselves with such a politicised and sexist term".

Speaking to women on campus, one third year History student said: "As a woman, the term 'tart' has no place in our SU, whether it's meant to refer to small American cakes or not. The hegemonic masculinity that's ever-present at our university no longer has a place here."

Meanwhile a third year sociology student said, "This time, the feminists have gone too far", which coming from a sociologist is a strong statement.

The night is set to be renamed "Popheroes" with immediate effect.

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