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Third year Architecture deadlines pushed back due to occupation of the Arts Tower

Laptops, models and resources are stuck on Floor 18 of the Arts Tower

Third year Architecture students have described the "distressing" situation in which they have found themselves following the occupation of the Arts Tower.

One student, who would prefer to remain anonymous, said that the occupation has caused an unbelievable amount of stress and inconvenience, at an already stressful time, to third year students.

They said, "Laptops, models and countless resources have been left in our studio space which we cannot access [because of the occupation], and we have interim reviews tomorrow and Friday.

"The review space has had to be moved to a new location and students have very little of their work to show, as it's all stuck in the Arts Tower.

"We are working desperately at the moment to try and piece things together to show to visiting industry professionals tomorrow. We will be forced to show potential future employers rough work produced in a day on scrappy pieces of paper, while our plans, sections, drawings and models that we have worked on for weeks will be sitting on floor 18, unseen.

"They did not check when our deadlines were and so both our deadlines today have been cancelled due to the occupation – at an already stressful time, this is incredibly distressing and knowing we cannot show industry professionals our best work may hinder our future job prospects.

"As a year group, we support the UCU and have been supporting strike action – this student led occupation is, however, creating a direct barrier to our studies which is unacceptable and harms us as students far more than the university institution."