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The Steel City Darts event is this Friday

Will Uni Of retain their crown?

This Friday (16th March), the eight finest darts players of the University of Sheffield will take on Hallam’s best in Steel City Darts – a battle for darting supremacy of the city, and bragging rights for the next year.

This epic clash will take place in the Octagon Centre, next to Sheffield’s Students’ Union, and you’ll have to act fast if you want to be one of the 600 people in attendance.

Uni Of are the reigning champions but, with six of their eight players making their debuts this year, it is hard to predict who will emerge victorious.

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University of Sheffield player Adam Warner said of Friday’s event:

“I’m looking forward to playing on stage with hundreds of people watching. Whether they’re cheering you on or willing you to lose it’s always great to play with such an atmosphere.

“I’m confident in my own game and have started playing well recently. I’m against Charlie Marshall, who’s a good player and beat me in our league match, so if we can both play our best it should be a cracking game.

“Will Sturla versus Conall Doughty should be a great game. Two freshers who have taken to uni darts very well. Will made the semis of a recent uni singles tournament and Conall is a great player. Should be a cracker!”

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Giving a Hallam perspective, Curtis Thorpe told us:

“It’s like Christmas Day of darts –the biggest day in the Sheffield darts calendar. So the highlight will be the day itself and seeing all the lads that've worked so hard all year.

“I am going to win, that's the only mind set you can go in with. I'm good enough to get here, I'm good enough to win. For the overall win, I think it’ll be very tight and come down to one or two games.

“People should look out for first year Will Sturla. In his first NUDL tournament on a field of 128, he got into the last four and was on fire all day. Also Charlie Marshall, who is unbeaten in the UDUK North league singles, only dropping two legs all season.”

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The Hallam team consists of Declan Parsons, Joe Berry, Will Sturla, Connor Bowler, Eddie Castaldo, Charlie Marshall, Curtis Thorpe and Kieran Fitzgibbo.

Uni Of students can buy tickets for Friday here, while Hallam students can purchase them from The Hubs.

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