An Amnesty International society is launching at Sheffield Hallam this Wednesday

It’s Hallam’s first human rights society and open for everyone to join

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An Amnesty International society at Sheffield Hallam University is launching this Wednesday (14 March).

The initiative is Hallam's first human rights society, and its launch event will take place in Room HC.0.06 at Collegiate Campus.

Open to all, there will be guest speakers talking about why human rights are still relevant today.

One of them is UN humanitarian aid worker and author Professor Conor Foley, who has recently been working in Tunisia to help the victims of the so-called Islamic State (IS). Another speaker is Dr Rebecca Wright.

Dr Rebecca Wright

There will be half an hour for questions and open discussion at the end of the talk.

Food and drink is to be provided at the event, which is completely free – anyone wanting to come is advised to register their interest on the Eventbrite page to guarantee entry.

Final year Hallam Law student Jordan Murcott has been central in setting up the society, and told us a bit about its context, as well as what attendees on Wednesday can expect.

"The inspiration was that there is no human rights society at SHU," Jordan said. "It's a really big issue that doesn't receive enough promotion, particularly at SHU.

"We plan for events to be pretty regular and we want to get involved in campaigns and organise fundraising events for on going human rights issues.

"I'm leaving university this year so I'm just looking to set the foundation for someone else to build upon. I've always been interested in politics and human rights but during summer I visited their offices in London and saw the great work that they do.

"The launch is going to be very interesting but also very concise and accessible. It's also the start of a society so it provides new opportunities for students to get involved with. Also it's free and food and drink will be provided!"

More information is available on the @AmnestyShu Twitter account.