Sheffield’s Clubbers of the Week: Snow Day

Ain’t s(no)w stopping us now

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Last week, Sheffield was hit with a huge blanket of snow. Train journey's were cancelled, schools were closed and even lectures were called off, except that wasn't just because of the snow…

But it appears that the snow didn't stop these students from getting their non-stop retro pop on. For this weeks clubbers of the week, we bring you the fearless amongst us, the ones who braved the cold and trekked through the snow all in the name of the sesh. Let's be honest they're probably all northern – because they don't call em' southern softies for a reason. Hats off to you guys. Except we're going to keep them on because it's still bloody freezing in Sheffield.

Stunners of the Week

Already got da boys getting in line in the background

Smiles making all the snow'men' melt

Best attire of the week

When even an alcohol blanket just won't work in the snow – bring a hat

BREAKING: artic weather making Sheffield students think they're penguins

Best solo pics of the week

'Do you wanna build a snowman?'

Do you think snow can stop this guy from getting his saturday sesh on?

When you make it through the blizzard and feel unstoppable

Couple of the week

I can't feel my face when I'm with you…no seriously I can't feel my face from the blizzard

Happiest Clubbers

'I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs'

And the best knitted jumper award goes to…

To those who said you'd be mad to go to TTC in the snow

Who's laughing now?

Statement poses of the week

It's like a human igloo ft. Rory

Clubbing in a snowy Sheff or enjoying a surfing holiday in Hawaii?

Squad of the week

Forget Where's Wally, where's Rory at?!

Everyone evacuate the dance floor for the ultimate girl squad