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BREAKING: Sheffield’s Vice-Chancellor has joined the picket line outside Firth Court

It comes ahead of his meeting with Sheffield’s UCU this afternoon


It appears as though the University of Sheffield's Vice Chancellor, Keith Burnett, has joined the picket lines outside Firth Court.

In a show of solidarity of striking staff, images on Twitter show him holding a UCU sign and standing with staff and students.

It comes ahead of the Vice Chancellor's meeting with Sheffield UCU members this lunchtime, a meeting which will be taking place in a "law firm in Sheffield". UCU members initially refused to cross picket lines and meet on the University campus, so it was thought the best location for the meeting would be the SU, however the location has now been changed to a law firm in Sheffield to "avoid disruption".

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Sir Keith on the picket lines

It also follows on from our report yesterday which suggests 97.5 per cent of students also think that the University of Sheffield has treated members of UCU unfairly.