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There’s going to be a giant snowball fight in Sheffield tomorrow

Get the woolly gloves out because this means war

For the last few days, the whole of the UK has hit a standstill due to copious amounts of snow covering our roads and causing chaos. Those living in Sheffield know all too well that once snow hits those hills, there is no getting out.

But what do you do when you're stranded in Sheffield? Over the last week, many of us have opted to stay in their lukewarm student houses with a cup of Yorkshire tea, wrapped in many many blankets. Others have showcased their artistic talents in the form of snow angels and, erm, snow genitalia…and some have even been spotted doing a bit of skiing. Seems the dreaded hills of Sheffield are useful for something after all.

Snow 'balls' like you've never seen them before

But the activities do not end there. On the 4th March at 12pm, the student snowball fights community will be hosting a giant snowball fight in Sheffield. Take a well deserved break from studying and get out into the fresh air for an old fashioned snowball fight.

The location is to be confirmed very soon so keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal. In the meantime get those arm muscles prepped and pumped for what is expected to be a fun and frosty fight.

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Head over to the facebook event to get all the final details ahead of tomorrow. Be sure to get all of your friends (and foes) on board for all the fun. Bring your A-game and most importantly, bring layers.