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BREAKING: Anna Crump Raiswell is your new Education Officer

Amber is appealing after she was found to have breached conduct

Anna Crump Raiswell is your new Education Officer, it has just been announced this afternoon.

Anna thanked the other candidates and her campaign team, before making a brief speech.

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Outgoing officer Stuart announced Anna's victory

Anna told the assembled crowd:

"It's so important with everything that's going on with the strikes, I want education to be at the forefront of everything that happens in this Union.

"Thanks to Celeste for doing the #SheShouldRun campaign. I am all about that…all women officer team!"

She also thanked outgoing Education Officer Stuart McMillan, who announced her victory, and said she hoped to continue his "brilliant activist work".

Anna's main policies for the next year include getting more women into STEM subjects, and widening participation through volunteering and outreach schemes in the community.

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Anna and Katharine will both be part of the officer team

The results for the Education Officer election were not revealed last night, after one of the candidates "breached election regulations".

It has now emerged that this breach involved candidate Amber (Xinwen Zhang), for whom votes were not counted.

In a statement, the Returning Officers told the assembled crowd: "This announcement for Education Officer has been delayed because of a breach in election regulations.

"The votes received by Amber could not be counted due to this breach. Amber is appealing to this decision, but the Returning Officers are satisfied that, if this appeal is successful, it will not change the outcome.

"The Returning Officers are satisfied that the election for Education Officer has been contested freely and fairly, as it should be.

"Please do not gossip as we need to respect Amber's privacy as much as anything."

"They've dealt with some really complex issues here," SU President Kieran Maxwell said of the Returning Officers.

Today's announcement was made in spite of candidate Chris Olewicz being unable to attend.