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Update: Striking staff will not lose pay for failing to reschedule cancelled lectures

VC Keith Burnett announced it tonight

Keith Burnett, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, has announced tonight that he will not be deducting pay from striking staff who fail to reschedule lectures.

It comes after an email was sent to staff this morning, explaining that if lectures and seminars, cancelled due to strike action, weren't rescheduled within two days, they'd lose 25 per cent of their pay until they were rescheduled.

Staff were also told that if cancelled lectures weren't rescheduled within five days, pay would be reduced by 100 per cent until lessons were rescheduled.

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This is despite the UCU requesting that striking staff didn't rearrange lessons, in order to cause the most disruption.

However, Burnett has released a statement this evening explaining that the above information was a mistake and won't apply.

Burnett also said in his statement that he's glad that UCU and UUK met this week, and said that the University is looking for a "sustainable resolution".