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SU election candidates interviewed by The Tab have now been given an extra £1.50 to spend on campaigning

This comes after candidates not interviewed by The Tab were given £5 extra to spend on campaigning

We told you yesterday that all candidates for the SU elections (the results of which will be announced tonight) who hadn't been interviewed by The Tab had received an extra £5 towards their campaign budget.

However, it's now emerged that, because we included all those candidates at the bottom of the article, it was seen as an "endorsement".

Therefore, all candidates who we had already interviewed have now been allocatd a further £1.50 towards their campaign budget for their final push towards the results tonight.

Speaking to The Tab, one student described the move as "a joke", while another said it was "a palaver".

Another also claimed The Tab was "basically Russia" because of the "level of interference" in the SU elections which have been going on this week.

We'll be bringing you updates tonight about the results from the SU elections, and we'll also be letting you know if there are yet more budget extensions to campaign funds. Watch this space!