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Lilian Jones is your new SU President

So far, it’s an all female office

Lilian Jones has just been announced as your new SU President for the 2018/19 academic year.

Her key policies were to broaden access to education through job advice sessions for sixth formers and reforming admission access, reforming study spaces, and putting microwaves in study areas, improving safety by creating a taxi sharing scheme for after nights out, as well as a cheaper cloakroom. She also focussed on mental health and extenuating circumstances and she also wanted to empower student renters by allowing students to review their landlords online.

Students have also voted to remain part of the NUS (National Union of Students).

Furthermore, turnout was down by 1.03 per cent, to 18,065 voters, despite having the biggest number of candidates in four years.

Here are your other Officers:

(Education Officer will not be announced tonight as one of the candidates 'breached conduct' – find out more here.)

Welfare Officer

Your new welfare officer is Katharine Swindells. On winning, she said “Running for welfare is of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I couldn’t have done it for so many people.”

Her key policies were making the gym more accessible, reforming drug policy, lobbying housing agencies and empowering student workers.

She's also the co-chair of Sheffield Labour Students and is the features editor for Forge.

International Officer

Your new international officer is Roxanne "Rex" Bechu. Her key policy was to have a more inclusive and participatory international students office. She also wanted more inclusion for underaged international students.

Development Officer

Your new development officer is Mel Kee. Her key policies were to reduce waste, improve recycling, encourage students to shop locally, and integrate more into the local community.

Activities Officer

Your new activities officer is Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro. Her main policies to get societies more involved in Varsity, as well as launching a #SpeakOut, encouraging people to speak out about their mental health.

Sports Officer

Your new sports officer Sarah Morse. Her main aim was to run the mental health awareness campaign to promote the role of sport and exercise for mental health and well being.

Women's Officer

Your new women's officer is Mayeda Tayyab. Her main policies were to provide an anonymous platform for survivors of sexual assault, as well as joining the 'Why is my curriculum so white?' campaign.