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BBC Radio 4 Show ‘The 3rd Degree’ is coming to The University of Sheffield

Students will be taking on their professors

‘The 3rd Degree’ is coming to the University of Sheffield tomorrow, and people are getting excited!

'The 3rd Degree', for those who don't know, is a BBC Radio 4 quiz show, hosted by comedian Steve Punt, which goes around UK universities and gets students to compete against their professors all in the name of fun.

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Comedian Steve Punt

The series, that began in 2011, has previously been recorded in universities in Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham and its latest episode will be in the University of Sheffield.

It will consist of general knowledge questions and specialist subjects, so we’ll get to see who knows more, the professor or the student?

On the staff team, there's Professor Andy Tyas, from engineering, Christina Abson, from dentistry, and Dr Hugh Willmott, from Archaeology.

On the student team, there's also 
Tom Langshaw, from Engineering, Natasha Temperton from Dentistry, and Darius Walker, from Archaeology.

Doors open at 17.40 and the show begins at 18.00 in the drama studio tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) and best of all it's completely free with no ticket required.

So why not get down and watch some professors get owned by their students (or vice versa)?