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Every SU candidate who hasn’t been featured in The Tab will get an extra £5 to spend on campaigning

Finally, someone has put a price on a Tab article

In the latest twist regarding the current SU elections, it's now emerged that every candidate who didn't ask for an interview with The Tab has been awarded an extra £5 in their campaign spending budget.

With just 24 hours left to vote in the elections, it's come as a shock to many that those who had the foresight to ask for an interview with us, the most widely read student newspaper on campus, are now being punished for it.

This move has come after there were calls of nepotism, following one candidate joking that her friend, a Tab writer, had "begged her for an interview", a comment which was taken out of context.

The £5 bonus to campaign funds has also come as a shock because the Returning Officers found no evidence of wrongdoing by The Tab, or by the candidates who had interviews featured in the paper.

An email obtained by The Tab reveals the Returning Officers had a "long discussion" about the issue. When approached for comment, the SU declined to specify how long this meeting took.

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The ROs also found there was "no breach of endorsement rules" and that it would be impossible to determine whether the interviews in The Tab had any benefit to the campaigns.

The SU have been approached for comment, but we are yet to hear back from them.

In the interests of fairness and democracy however, we've decided to print the names of all those candidates who have not been interviewed by us.

It is not yet known whether candidates originally featured in The Tab will now also be entitled to an extra £5 to spend on campaigning.

For SU President, you should vote for…

Elliot O'Rourke (He's unfortunately already spent his £5 bonus given to him by the SU)

Andrew Baker

Theo Routh

Kerry Miller

Shelby Storey

For Activities Officer, you should vote for…

Inez Lau

Hannah Morgan

Luke Hawtin

For SU Development Officer, you should vote for…

Andy Tyler

Emily Banks

Mel Kee

Georgia Clark

Charlie Stephen

For SU Education Officer, you should vote for…

George Bunn (He asked us for an interview, but then never replied to our questions)

Amber (Xinwen Zhang)

For International Student's Officer, you should vote for…

Roxanne (Rex) Bechu

Tebby 'Te(BEE)' Maritim

Bikramaditya Ghosh

Abhinav Kongari

Roopika Ravikanna

Tawfik Alhashemi

For Sports Officer, you should vote for…

Hope Williams

For Welfare Officer, you should vote for…

Victoria Wang

Imon Pal

Mollie (Omolara) Badmos

Katharine Swindells

Gracie Elizabeth Marlow

(S.H.A.W.) Shaw Tun Qi

Stephen Nield

For Women's Officer, you should vote for…

Melinda (Mel) Acquah

Mayeda Tayyab

Jessica McGuinness